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BD1000 Dual-Voltage Building Dryer
Easy-to-maintain dehumidifier for hire and construction fleets!
SKU: F435-DV
Product Description
The BD1000 dehumidifier delivers strong dehumidification performance, durability and reliability within a unique, portable design that withstands the rigours of construction sites and hire. The rotomoulded polyethylene cover is dent resistant, easy to wipe clean, and hinges open for fast access for internal cleaning. Anti-clog design includes double-width coil fin spacing and optional filters to improve performance in dusty environments and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

NEW! The BD1000 now automatically switches between 110v and 230v, depending on the power source. Simplified user controls include rotary on/off switch and manual condensate purge. A flush-mounted hour counter helps plan maintenance schedules and on-board kilowatt-hour meter provides accurate power consumption. Regular, automatic condensate pumpout allows unattended use. A rigid handle, large semi-pneumatic wheels and built-in vehicle loading skids ensure easy transport and maneuverability.
Supply Voltage: 230 / 110V Selectable
Type: Standard Refrigerant
Water Removal (Max): 48 L / day (32.2°C/90%RH)
Water Removal (AHAM): 25 L / day (26.7°C/60%RH)
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  • Removes up to 48L / day
  • Selectable, dual 230 / 110V voltage operation
  • Simplified user operation – rotary on/off humidistat
  • Automatic condensate pumpout
  • Incorporates hour and KW consumption meters
  • Easy clean – hinges open for access to all components
  • Anti-clog design – reduces dust accumulation
  • Hybrid construction, rotomoulded cover - steel chassis
  • Fully portable, sturdy handle - large semi-pnuematic wheels
  • Built-in skids prevent damage during loading/unloading
  • Two years limited product warranty
  • Lifetime rotomoulded cover warranty


Supply Voltage:  230 / 110V Selectable
Type:  Standard Refrigerant
Water Removal (Max):  48 L / day (32.2°C/90%RH)
Water Removal (AHAM):  25 L / day (26.7°C/60%RH)
Water Removal (EU standard):  42.6 L / day (30°C/80%RH)
Water Removal (EU standard):  21 L / day (20°C/60%RH)
Amp Draw:  3.3 A (230V) - 6.5 A (110V)
Operating Temperature Range:  1°– 38°C
Operating Humidity Range:  40 - 100%
Dimensions (H × W × D):  85 × 50 × 51 cm
Use Weight:  39 KG
Air movement:  350 M³/Hr
Controls:  Manual Rotary On/Off
Hour Counter:  Yes
Killowatt Meter:  Yes
Humidistat:  Yes (30–70%)
Adjustable Defrost Setting:  No
Remote Monitoring Capability:  No
Refrigerant Type:  410A
Defrost Type:  Reverse Cycle
Average Noise Level:  db
Condensate Removal:  Automatic Pumpout - Centrifugal
Drain Hose Length:  12.2 M
Condensate pump lift capacity:  2 m
Power Cord Length:  5 M
Air Filter:  Fibreglass
Wheels:  30cm Semi-pneumatic
Handle:  Rigid
Cable & Hose Storage:  Yes
Stackable:  No
Safety Mark:  CE
Product Warranty:  2 years - limited
Refrigeration System Warranty:  6 years
Hosuing Warranty:  Rotomoulded Cover - Lifetime