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Invirtu Hand Foam Sanitiser
The trusted alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitisers
Product Description
[DISCONTINUED] INVIRTU is the trusted alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitiser, as used by the NHS. Formulated to reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses and without damaging skin, INVIRTU alcohol free Hand Foam Sanitiser is proven to be as effective as alcohol sanitisers, with many additional benefits. The 50 ml pocket-sized product is ideal for individual use, and the larger 600 ml format is ideal for keeping on desks or at reception for use by staff and visitors.

Sizes ▪ Options:
124050: Case of 30 50ml bottles
124051: Case of 15 600ml bottles
FORM: Liquid RTU


  • Kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses fast, including enveloped viruses.
  • Is dermatologically tested and clinically proven not to dry hands with repeated use.
  • Keeps working when dry to protect against bacteria between washes.
  • Maintains the natural pH balance of your skin.
  • Being alcohol-free, INVIRTU is non-flammable
  • Is colour and fragrance-free, non-taint.
  • Suited for use with a range of gloves.


FORM:  Liquid RTU