HAF Filter for LGR 1800
Protect your dehumidifier, maximise airflow and efficiency
SKU: F372A
Product Description
3M™ High Air Flow Filters (HAF) capture and retain more particles than traditional filters. The HAF filter's open channel structure offers minimal airflow resistance to the dehumidifier allowing it to process more air, whilst providing plenty of surface area for collecting airbourne particulates. The HAF filter's performance is doubled by incorporating an electrostatic charge that helps attract, capture and retain more particles. HAF filters include an antimicrobial agent to prevent mould from growing on its surface - an extra safety advantage. Vacuum the HAF filter three times before disposing of it, making it four superior filters in one!

We recommend that you replace filters on a regular basis (at least every 300 hours of use) to protect your dehumidifiers coils and maximise your unit's performance.