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Surface Sanitising Wipes
No-rinse wipes suitable for food contact surfaces
SKU: 123371 (C-SWB1500)
Product Description
[DISCONTINUED] These convenient wipes deliver a quick kill in 15 seconds against food-related bacteria, even at low temperatures, and help control the spread of Listeria. QAC-free and suitable for use on food prep areas. Provides long lasting protection against bacteria between cleans. Use as part of interim cleans and full clean‑down on hard surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, tiles, floors, walls, refrigerators, and sanitary ware. Suitable for both wet and dry processing sites.
FORM: Single-use disposable wipes
QUANTITY: Tub with 1500 wipes (SKU 123371)


  • Kills 99.99% of food related bacteria in 15 seconds, including Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli.
  • QAC-free for use on food prep surfaces – no rinse required. 
  • Expert Listeria control – proven to perform at 4°C, lower than the standard EN 13697 obligatory test temperature of 20°C 
  • Non-taint, fragrance-free.
  • Tested to BSI PAS2424 protocol for long-lasting efficacy against bacteria on high-touch surfaces.
  • Suitable for both dry and wet processing sites.


FORM:  Single-use disposable wipes
QUANTITY:  Tub with 1500 wipes (SKU 123371)