Thermo 2000 Cherry
A highly effective odor counteractant
SKU: 433102901
Product Description
Thermo-2000 is a powerful water-based odor counteractant formulated for use in thermal foggers. Unlike solvent-based thermal fogging formulations Thermo-2000 contains only food- and cosmetic-grade ingredients. This means significantly reduced levels of volatile organic chemicals (V.O.C.s) for improved operator safety and occupant comfort. Apply with a thermal fogging device only.
Unit Size: 3.8L Bottle
Form: Liquid
ph: 5-7
Flash point: >200°F | 93.3°C


Unit Size:  3.8L Bottle
Form:  Liquid
ph:  5-7
Flash point:  >200°F | 93.3°C
Specific gravity:  1.02 (8.5 lbs. per gal.)
Quantity:  Case of four 3.8L Bottles