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Velo™ Pro Low Profile Airmover
Powerful air movement in the most portable package
SKU: F505-230V UK
Product Description
High performance air movement in a compact airmover? The new Velo delivers just that, and more: high velocity air movement, ultra low amp draw and five drying positions. Dri-Eaz combined these features with easy cleaning, versatile application and legendary U.S.-made quality to make one of the most effective Dri-Eaz airmovers ever built. And with an amazing 85% less power consumption and carbon footprint than comparable products, the Velo helps to reduce your impact on the environment. 
Supply Voltage: 230 V
Speeds: Single
Operating Positions: 5
Max Actual Airflow: 1190 M³ / Hour
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  • Up to 85% lower energy and emisions than snail blowers.
  • Engineered airflow outlet for faster, consistent drying.
  • Versatile drying with 5 operating positions.
  • Stackable low profile, save space on the van.
  • Kwhr counter included, know your true costs.
  • Easiest to maintain. Simply remove fasteners and lift out impeller assembly for cleaning.
  • Great portability. Easily carry two Velo at once - or stack up to six on a handtruck.
  • Durable. Rugged rotomolded housing with new easy-carry handle - laboratory-tested to lift four times the weight of the Velo 5000 times without failure!


Supply Voltage:  230 V
Speeds:  Single
Operating Positions:  5
Max Actual Airflow:  1190 M³ / Hour
Static Pressure (H²O):  28 mm
Motor Rating:  0.124 KW
Amp Draw:  0.53 A
Power Consumption:  0.12 KW / Hour
Weekly Running £'s:  £3.11
Weekly CO²e:  10.65 KG's CO²e
Sound Level:  65 db
Dimensions H × W × D :  58.4 × 45.7 × 22.9 cm
Use Weight :  9.52 KG
Controls :  On/off
Construction:  Rotomoulded polyethylene and injection moulded ABS housing components; steel wire inlet and outlet grills
Stackable :  Yes
Cable Wrap / Storage:  Yes
Kickstand:  Yes
Power Cord Length:  4.6 M
Plug Type:  3 Pin BS1363
Safety Cutout:  Dual Thermal
Safety Mark:  CE
Product Warranty:  2 Years – Limited