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Desiccant Dryer
Robust, efficient - dries dense materials
SKU: F525-230V
Product Description
The TD3000's robust construction, ease of use and efficient performance combined with the ability to dry in cold and / or extremely dry conditions, makes it a great compliment to either your drying fleet or within environmental control scenarios.

Process air can be ducted through either 1 x 100mm or 2 x 50mm diameter outlets offering further flexibility of use.

With its hour and kWh counter, easy to use controls, option to fit a remote humidistat and soft grip handle, the TD3000 is clear winner in the desiccant stakes!
Inlet Duct: TBA
Supply Voltage: 230 V
Type : Desiccant
Water Removal AHAM (26.7ºC/60%RH) : TBA


  • 22 Litres output at 20ºC/60%RH
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Changeable process air outlets, 1 x 100mm or 2 x 50mm
  • Includes kwhr and hour counter, DriFi compatible
  • Stackable and includes power cord storage


Inlet Duct:  TBA
Supply Voltage:  230 V
Type :  Desiccant
Water Removal AHAM (26.7ºC/60%RH) :  TBA
Water Removal Max (32.2°C/90% RH):  TBA
Water Removal (20ºC/60%RH):  22 Litres
Amp Draw:  4.5 A
Daily Running £ (20ºC/60%RH):  £3.81
Daily KgCo²e (20ºC/60%RH):  11.07 KgCo²e
Cost per Litre (20ºC/60%RH):  £0.173/L
Power Consumption:  1.035 Kw / Hour
Operating Temperature Range:  -10 – +35 °C
Operating Humidity Range:  0 – 100 %
Dimensions H × W × D :  34 × 39 × 42 cm
Use Weight :  20 KG
Airflow Rating:  300 M³ / Hour
Outlet Duct Size:  1 x 100mm or 2 x 50mm Diameter
Regen Duct Size:  50 mm
Controls :  On/Off
Hour Counter:  Yes
Killowatt Hour Counter:  Yes
Humidistat:  Yes - via remote sensor
Adjustable Defrost Settings:  N/A
Remote Monitoring Capability:  Yes
Refrigerant Type:  N/A
Defrost Type :  N/A
Compressor Type :  N/A
Condensate Removal:  N/A
Drain Hose Length :  N/A
Power Cord Length:  N/A
Plug Type:  3 Pin BS1363
Air Filter :  Fibre
Housing:  Painted Stainless Steel
Wheels :  N/A
Handle :  Soft Grip
Cable & Hose Storage:  N/A
Stackable :  Yes
Safety Mark:  CE
Product Warranty:  2 Years – Limited
Refrigeration System Warranty:  N/A
Housing Warranty:  N/A